End of Tenancy Cleaning Peckham

End of Tenancy Cleaning


  • Studio Flat
    from  £79
  • One Bedroom Flat
    from  £137
  • Two Bedroom Flat
    from  £159
  • Three Bedroom Flat
    from  £181

Company Name: Speedy Cleaners London

Address:91C Harwood Rd, Fulham, London

Phone: 020 3745 5859

Working Hours: Monday – Sunday 08 – 20

Managing Director: Rachel Barlow

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Call us for end of tenancy cleaning services, start packing up everything and direct yourself to moving out, because our cleaners are going to come to the property you used to lease and do their magic. The quality of their job is nothing less than excellent and we can insure you that after the service is over, your entire deposit shall be returned.

The end of tenancy cleaning service which we provide is a unique opportunity which no one should miss out on weather you are a tenant or a landlord. This team is consisted entirely of professionals in the Peckham industry so don’t expect any amateur performances.

The first thing you will be met with is an outstanding costumer service. We always explain the entire service to our clients before they hire our cleaners and we answer any question that falls into the Peckham area.

“My moving out would have been spoiled if I hadn’t hired these people’s end of tenancy cleaning services. The cleaners came in the afternoon when I just moved out and according to my former landlord, the work they did was so beautiful. Safe to say I got all of my deposit back. – Larry”

“I recommend these people to all of my fellow landlords. Soon after the cleaners were done with the job, some new clients arrived and as soon as they saw the place and walked around it, they fell in love and moved in immediately. Next time I need end of tenancy cleaning, I’m hiring these people. – Maria”

When the client makes an appointment with us, we forward it to our cleaners who arrive at the place from where the client is moving out. They bring their own equipment and healthy products and get down to work. The cleaners would appreciate it very much if all of the client’s belongings have been moved out.

The property goes through deep cleaning. Every square inch of the former home of the client is made sure to be completely spotless. All rooms are vacuumed, mopped up, dusted, throughly cleaned, tidied up, polished and disinfected. All appliances are cleaned. on the outside and on the inside. Every window is cleaned on the inside and on the outside (only if reachable).

This company has been around for many years and our team has piled up tons of knowledge about the Peckham industry. They are eager and waiting with anticipation for the next client to call. This is how it’s been done since the beginning.

We are providing true quality. We respect and validate our employees and our clients. Thanks to them and the hard work our team has put in, we are among the greatest companies in the Peckham market.