Upholstery Cleaning London


Every upholstered furnishing needs cleaning to maintain its comfort, beauty and to prolong its lifespan. Regular maintenance ensures that regardless of the stains and spills there may be, they can be easily removed with upholstery cleaning. Furniture easily collects dust and dirt of all kinds. Some of them are not at all hygienic or healthy for you. Still, most of the people don’t even pay attention to the problem. But something has to be done. If you fear that you may damage your belongings, you should call a professional upholstery cleaning service.

What is Upholstery Cleaning?

This is the type of cleaning you need if you have upholstered furniture in the house that requires cleaning. Basically, to be a professional upholstery cleaner one should have a wide range of skills and competences. The latter are obtained through training and studies. Yes, you can try to clean your sofa on your own using standard cleaners, but your risk damaging your items. Non-professionals are not qualified enough to deal with this serious job. For this reason, a number of cleaning agencies like ours offer professional upholstery cleaning.

Carpet, Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning


  • Landing Carpet
    from  £4
  • Bedroom Carpet
    from  £23
  • Livingroom Carpet
    from  £25
  • Sofa – Two Seat
    from  £30
  • Sofa – Three Seat
    from  £45
  • Upholstered Armchair
    from  £18
  • Flight of Stairs
    from  £25
  • Minimum call out charge £48

What we provide?

  • Our process involves the use of detergents and modern machines
  • We use special strength dryers that help the fabric dry faster
  • We make sure there is nothing that stops us from cleaning the furniture we were asked to, that’s why we will remove any items that may obstruct the process
  • Before we begin cleaning, we will treat high traffic areas, dirt patches, spills and stains
  • Then follows the cleaning process itself
  • We not only clean, we also deodorise furniture

The result is a really clean sofa or chair or whatever upholstery you have. They will be dirt-free and they will smell really good. No more pet hair and dandruff, dust, food crumbs, stains and other particles.

How much will it cost?

The service is designed to fit small budgets. We are customer-oriented and we try to facilitate their lives as much as we can. You will find that our cleaning system is both effective and economical – a characteristic rarely seen.

Who we are?

upholstery_cleaningat is characterised by low prices, powerful equipment, great attitude and friendly experts.

We can clean all your upholstered furnishings giving you the time to do whatever you have planned and then get back home to a clean and fresh upholstery set. It is your choice.

Why choosing us?

The reasons for choosing our company are many. You can benefit a lot actually.

Our cleaning process:

  • Is safe for everybody and safe for your furniture
  • Does not require drying time
  • Does not change or affect your upholstery in any way (no shrinkage)
  • Improves the condition of your furniture

We encourage you to try our company so that you can be sure that what you see is what you get. We also offer bonuses and discounts.

What is our working time?

Here is the best part. We are available for you anytime you need us. This means that we work every single day and our call centre is open at night as well. A bunch of trained and courteous telephone assistants will process your enquiry and give you all the information you are looking for. Getting to use our company is the right decision, trust us. We can attend to your requests quickly and give you the results you expect. Call now.