End of Tenancy Cleaning Woolwich

End of Tenancy Cleaning


  • Studio Flat
    from  £79
  • One Bedroom Flat
    from  £137
  • Two Bedroom Flat
    from  £159
  • Three Bedroom Flat
    from  £181

Company Name: Speedy Cleaners London

Address:91C Harwood Rd, Fulham, London

Phone: 020 3745 5859

Working Hours: Monday – Sunday 08 – 20

Managing Director: Rachel Barlow

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If you want to clean up your home before you move out so you can collect your deposit, but you just can’t do it, then all you need is a little professional help. We offer you end of tenancy cleaning service with results which guarantee total deposit return.

Make us your choice. Our cleaners have been at this game for many years and they sure know their way around the Woolwich industry. Contact us for more information, details and hiring.

For a service to start off, a client first contacts us. Our team will explain to them everything about the end of tenancy cleaning services and provide the answers to any question that the client might have as long as they fall into the Woolwich area.

When the appointment is made, we notify our cleaners which will be with at the client’s home right on time. We require from the client to have all of their personal belongings packed and moved out so they are not in the way of our cleaners.

We provide all of the cleaning products and equipment. The client doesn’t need to give the cleaners anything. The inventory of our cleaners is not paid by the client.

“Go for this company, they do their job the right way. My previous tenants hired these people and after I saw the results I immediately went and returned my old tenants deposit. I had some new people coming in to look at the property and they are moving in tomorrow. – Chris “

“You found it, the right company for end of tenancy cleaning. Hiring these people saved me from a very awkward moving out. I called them, the cleaners came and did their magic. Both me and the landlord were very impressed. Now I’m living in a new place with my full deposit returned. – Chelsey”

The cleaners start off with the more simple tasks so they can get the easy part out of the way. After that, they gradually move to the more and more complicated tasks. This is how professionals in the Woolwich field do.

They completely clean the entire property from dust, then thoroughly vacuum every square inch from one end to the other and even pay attention to the walls and finishing this process of with mopping up in every area and around carpets.

Now moving on to the finer parts. They clean all of the windows on the inside and if reachable, on the outside as well. They vacuum all of the curtains, blinds, upholstery and mattresses.

The kitchen gets attention next. The clean up the counters, cupboards, inside and out and all of the appliances on the inside and outside as well. Finally they finish off with the bathroom by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing it.