End of Tenancy Cleaning Brixton

End of Tenancy Cleaning


  • Studio Flat
    from  £79
  • One Bedroom Flat
    from  £137
  • Two Bedroom Flat
    from  £159
  • Three Bedroom Flat
    from  £181

Company Name: Speedy Cleaners London

Address:91C Harwood Rd, Fulham, London

Phone: 020 3745 5859

Working Hours: Monday – Sunday 08 – 20

Managing Director: Rachel Barlow

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As being top rated cleaning supplier in Brixton we take pride in our offers along with our cleaners and affordable prices. Throughout our vast experience we have exerted ourselves to help people with their household chores or moving out process. For this purpose we have created our end of tenancy cleaning services. They are specifically designed to cover all the basic cleaning duties plus your special needs upon request.

We have all been in your shoes and we know how stressful and arduous the whole moving out can be. There are so many things you need to take care of, starting with packing all of your personal belongings making sure that nothing is left behind to transferring them to your new home. In addition, in order to keep the full amount of your security deposit, you need to apply proper cleaning to your entire property. Do you really think that you are able to do so when time oppresses you and when you are full of stress and nerves?

“I was shopping around for a professional end of tenancy cleaning and one of my friends recommended your company. I am really satisfied with the cleaners, who visited me yesterday. Now the property is in excellent condition and I don’t need to worry about my deposit. – Richard”

“I was really concerned if the landlord will be satisfied with the level of cleanliness at the end of the tenancy. The fellows, who visited me, worked really hard and when they finished everything was spotless. I will definitely book this impeccable service again. – Daniel”

We can assure you that there is nothing to worry about. We are renowned and professional cleaning contractor that is here in Brixton waiting to give you an assisting hand with your cleaning chores. Our end of tenancy cleaning services are your best option when you do not feel like performing proper cleaning or you simply lack time.

You can be sure that we are not able to achieve something less than perfect results. We have carefully selected our cleaning teams to always perform at high standards. We have provided them with intensive indoor training programmes to introduce them in this accountable business. You can place your trust in their skills because they are unequalled in entire Brixton.

Benefit from our end of tenancy cleaning services and you will see for yourself that we are the best cleaning provider in this region. We have spent great years in improving ourselves and our strategies. Today, we have reached the highest possible level of professionalism and cleaning performance. Give us a call and we will schedule you a convenient appointment.