End of Tenancy Cleaning Balham

End of Tenancy Cleaning


  • Studio Flat
    from  £79
  • One Bedroom Flat
    from  £137
  • Two Bedroom Flat
    from  £159
  • Three Bedroom Flat
    from  £181

Company Name: Speedy Cleaners London

Address:91C Harwood Rd, Fulham, London

Phone: 020 3745 5859

Working Hours: Monday – Sunday 08 – 20

Managing Director: Rachel Barlow

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We provide end of tenancy cleaning for any rented property. No matter what kind of property it is, our cleaners will be there and transform it into a spotless and brand new place.

We only work with people who have been in the Balham industry for a very long time and have gained tons of experience and skills from it.

Give us a call, from the other side, our team will give you detailed information about the end of tenancy cleaning service with all of the details and is ready to answer any question you might have which would fall into the Balham area.

“I just want to say I am really happy about the job you have done. We never expected such good end of tenancy cleaning results. Your teams are real skilled professionals and I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends. You deserve all the credit you can get. – Charles”

“Your guys did an excellent job on my apartment. The carpet was dirty and couch was stained, I sure thought I would never be able to get my full deposit back. I did the right thing outsourcing this to you. Your service is cheap and apparently very effective. Thank you for the cleaning and the happy landlord! – Don”

You make your appointment after that, we forward that to our cleaners, they get the order and come to you right on time. If you are a client who is moving out, we would like it if you pack all of your personal belongings before our cleaners have arrived so that they are not in the way during the cleaning process.

When they step into the place, they set everything up and get down to work. Our cleaner make sure to cover every square inch of the property from one end to the other and from top to bottom, paying attention to all of the details and not leaving even the most obscure area unchecked and uncleaned.

Our cleaners tend to use unique techniques in the Balham field which insure a successful procedure. They start by vacuuming the floor and carpets, going up to the corners of walls and the ceiling to take care of any residing spider webs. After that, they clean up all of the durst. All of this is done thoroughly as they make sure to clean behind furniture as well.

When this process is done, the cleaners move to cleaning the windows. All windows in the property are properly cleaned on the inside and outside if reachable, and the curtains and blinds are vacuumed. Then it is time for cleaning the furniture and appliances in every room. All upholstery is vacuumed, everything in the kitchen is cleaned on the inside, outside and sanitized. Same goes for the bathroom.